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• The Gift of the Magi: Special Church Edition

• The Legend of Sleepy Hollow: Special Church Edition

• Letter to the Romans: Simplified Cowboy Version

• The Wizard of Oz: Special Church Edition

• An Easter Believer:
Three Facts that Prove The Resurrection

• Gospel of Matthew: Simplified Cowboy Version

• "Yes Virginia,
There is a Santa Claus"
Special Church Edition

• Seeing Jesus

• Alice in Wonderland: Special Church Edition

• Charles Dickens
The Life of Our Lord:
Special Church Edition

• An Easter Disciple:
Special Church Edition

• The Night Before
Special Church Edition

• A Christmas Carol:
Special Church Edition

• The Gospel Of Superman


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InSight is a unique series focused on hot topics at the intersection of culture and Christianity. Engaging entertainment from a faith perspective, each entry in the series will equip you to reach adults, youths and seekers by asking three relevant questions.

In InSight: Harry Potter, you’ll discover the answers to:

“What does the author say?”
Learn why Rowling said her belief in God inspired
Harry Potter.

“What does the story say?”
Uncover Harry’s prophecy, his “power” of love and title of “Chosen One.”

“What does the Bible say?”
Find out which two Bible verses Rowling said summarize the series.

Complete with direct quotes from the author, an overview of major Christian imagery in the series and discussion questions in the guides, InSight: Harry Potter equips you to start a conversation with a cultural hot topic only to lead into a talk about the more important matters of the Christian faith.

Not authorized by Ms. Rowling, Bloomsbury, Scholastic or Warner Brothers.