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• An Easter Believer:
Three Facts that Prove The Resurrection

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There is a Santa Claus"
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Alice in Wonderland - Special Church Edition

Seeing Jesus
The Visions, the Paintings and the Films
that Shaped How We See Christ

He has long brown hair and a beard.
He has fair skin and blue eyes.
He stands at medium height with a medium build.
And He always wears a white robe.

Have you wondered where our image of Jesus comes from?

In Seeing Jesus, you’ll discover how three events shaped the way we see Christ.

• In the early 1800s, a German nun named Anne Catherine Emmerich experienced visions on the Life of Christ. Her version of the Passion of Jesus became the world’s best-known account outside of the Gospels.

• Then, influenced by Emmerich, the French painter James Tissot created 350 paintings of Christ for one book. The “Tissot Bible” became an international best-seller, giving multitudes of people defining images of the Life of Jesus.

• Finally, at the dawn of cinema, Christian filmmakers found the scenes they needed to bring Scripture to Life in the “Tissot Bible”—which featured the Jesus described above. These early Gospel films forged a new way for billions to connect with Christ.

Now, join the celebration of the visions of Emmerich, the paintings of Tissot and the films on the Gospel that have helped us all to see Jesus. In addition, discussion questions explore the link between how we see Christ and how we practice Christianity.


An Easter Disciple: Special Church  Edition
Front Cover

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