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• An Easter Believer:
Three Facts that Prove The Resurrection

• Gospel of Matthew: Simplified Cowboy Version

• "Yes Virginia,
There is a Santa Claus"
Special Church Edition

• Seeing Jesus

• Alice in Wonderland: Special Church Edition

• Charles Dickens
The Life of Our Lord:
Special Church Edition

• An Easter Disciple:
Special Church Edition

• The Night Before
Special Church Edition

• A Christmas Carol:
Special Church Edition

• The Gospel Of Superman


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Bestselling Author, Television Writer,
Media Culture Educator




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Stephen Skelton

Bestselling Author, Television Writer,
Media Culture Educator

Steve Skelton has previously served as a writer-producer for Dick Clark Productions and more recently as author of The Mayberry Bible Study, the video-based Bible study that uses episodes of the beloved show as modern parables.

An instant national bestseller, this study became one of the fastest-selling video-based Bible studies in the history of its publisher. The breakout success of this study led to increasing requests for more studies and compelled Steve to establish The Entertainment Ministry, which ministers with the belief that many stories which transcend social, racial and cultural barriers do so because they contain spiritual truth for which all people have a God-given hunger.

Today, Steve reaches audiences ranging from church to education to corporate. Grounded in Biblical teaching, he brings revelation on a variety of topics centered around Entertainment, Media Culture and the Bible and the Arts. Always, his message is inspired by a unique “parable perception” which reveals God’s purpose for story as a testimonial tool in the modern world.

Whether adult or youth: If you wonder why movies, TV, radio and books command our attention … If you want to understand how the Biblical heritage of story reflects on our modern entertainment … If you want to reclaim the power of story for the glory of God … Then Steve can be of service to you!

Presentation Portfolio

The Morals of Mayberry
Based on the National Bestseller The Mayberry Bible Study, join Andy, Opie, Barney and Aunt Bee for the parables of Mayberry. Featuring clips from the show, the most beloved TV program of all-time inspires this talk on the Biblical significance of our friendship with the folks of Mayberry.

“Nick at Nite” at Church
This presentation will arm you with the vision to see God’s destiny for story as a testimonial tool, featuring clips from Mayberry (love for fellow man), The Beverly Hillbillies (morality versus materialism), The Dick Van Dyke Show (family and community), The Lucy Show (grace and forgiveness) and Bonanza (good versus evil).

Parable Perception
Steve reveals God’s purposes in popular entertainment with eye-opening answers to Biblical questions: Why were the parables of Jesus secular stories? Where does the Bible feature an “anti-parable”? When did the Apostle Paul quote a pagan comedic theater play? What are the three (un-Biblical) criteria that keep us from engaging modern stories? You’ll say, “I never knew that was in the Bible!”

The Super Man
While all heroes are based on the original hero—Jesus—Superman does so in some striking ways. Did you know that Superman and his Father share the last name of “El”—the Hebrew word for “God”? Or that his earthly parents were originally named “Mary” and “Joseph”? And that his enemy is a man called “Lex Luther”—a name suspiciously like “Lucifer”? Who is this Super Man? Drop in and find out!

The Gospel of Hollywood
Discover the spiritual truth in celebrated Hollywood blockbusters. Whether classics (It’s a Wonderful Life, The Wizard of Oz), contemporaries (Star Wars, E.T., Titanic), recent releases (Matrix, Lord of the Rings) or the latest chart-toppers (Shrek 2, Spider-Man 2, Harry Potter). You choose—and uncover the truth you knew must be there. You’ll never watch your favorite movie the same way again!

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